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We hope you never need to replace any of your prized possessions. But in the event you do, we've put together this easy checklist to help you make sure that what's important to you is properly itemized. Follow the easy instructions and record your information. Then, store the list in a safe place with your important documents.

Click here to view and print the Homesite Property Checklist

It's hard to remember all the details when you visit a lot of properties. Here's a handy home inspection checklist that may assist you. This list is not a substitute for an inspection conducted by a licensed home inspection professional, but it can be used to bring areas of concern to his or her attention.

Click here to view and print the Homesite Home Inspection Checklist

Note: Our checklists require that you have the Adobe Acrobat reader 3.01 or higher. If you don't have the reader you can download it free from the Adobe site. Please follow the instructions on the Adobe site for downloading and installing the reader on your PC.


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