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21st Century Homeowners Insurance Program Claims Philosophy

We have a claim philosophy which sets us apart from the rest of the insurance industry. Our Claims Department has a firm commitment to leading the industry by providing only the highest quality service to all of our customers. This means service that's fair, prompt, honest and efficient.

Our continuing dedication to improving every aspect of our claims operation is guided by the belief that customer satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our performance. This belief compels us to constantly test how we measure up to the exacting standards and expectations of our customers.

We know that the way we handle a claim will have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction level. If you are ever in the unfortunate situation of having to report a claim, we know you'll find our service informative, timely, fair, accurate, and extremely user-friendly.

Loss Reporting
In the event that you have a claim to report, there are two ways that you can provide us with the First Notice of Loss. You simply complete and submit our on-line claim form. Once you have reported a claim we will send you additional information which will provide you assistance throughout the claim process. The second option is to call us at 1-877-834-7532 and follow the menu prompts to our Customer Service Call Center. An associate will then take the information by phone and immediately assign your claim to a claims associate.

Emergency Repairs
Some claims may require immediate emergency repairs. We will be there to assist you in initiating repairs which are required to make your home livable or to mitigate further damages. As a homeowner it is your duty to protect your property before, during and after a loss. If you are unsure as to what steps should be taken to protect your property, call our experienced staff for advice. save any receipts for charges you may incur for protecting your property. These charges may be covered. Above all else, do not take action to protect property that may endanger your well being. Leave this to the professionals.

Temporary Living
We want you and your family to be safe and secure. In case of a major loss, where your home has suffered significant damage and has been determined to be unlivable, we will assist you in finding temporary living. We can help you locate a place for your family and make the necessary payment arrangements.

Contact and Communication
Communication is key to any successful relationship. It is our goal to have a claims associate contact you as soon as possible - usually within 24 hours of reporting your loss. At that time, the associate will provide you with all the necessary contact information so you will be able to converse with them throughout the process. Communication is one of the areas in which we maximize the utilization of technology for your benefit. An interactive website, e-mail, and an efficient telephone system are all available to you throughout the claims process, and will enhance the flow of communication between you and your claims associate.

Claim Information Package
After reporting a loss, you will be contacted by a claims associate. Our claims associate will provide you with the tools needed to complete an inventory of your loss. Based on your situation the claims associate may send you a packet of information that helps you understand the claims process better, while providing us with the information needed to process your claim efficiently and effectively. We will do our best to customize our claims handling process to accommodate your specific needs.



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