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 Available Coverages - Renters

Renter's insurance policies are designed to protect your prized possessions, protect against any personal liability, and provide assistance if an apartment or home is damaged due to a loss.

The 21st Century Homeowners Insurance Program offers two different Renters Insurance products. Our standard product is based on the ISO HO-04 and provides broader coverage for the customer's personal property. Our Homesite Renters Express® (Renters Express) product is designed for customers who resides in an apartment complexes and are looking for basic coverage. It is important to note that the Renters Express product does not provide the same coverages as the HO-04 and is a named peril policy.

Policy Comparison

  Standard Renters Renters Express
Available Coverage C (Personal Property) $36k- $100K $15k, $25k, $35k
Available Deductibles $250-$2500 $250, $500
Available Liability Limits 100k,300K,500k $25k, $100k, $300k
Medical Payments 1k,$3K,$5k $1k
Replacement Cost Optional Included
Earthquake Optional Not Covered
Section 1 - Perils Insured Against
Fire or Lightning Y Y
Windstorm or Hail Y Y
Explosion Y N
Riot or Civil Commotion Y N
Aircraft Y N
Vehicles Y N
Smoke Y N
Vandalism or Malicious Mischief Y N
Theft Y Optional
Mysterious Disappearance Y N
Burglary Y Y
Falling Objects Y N
Weight of ice, snow or sleet Y N
Accidental Discharge or overflow of water or steam Y Y
Sudden and accidental tearing apart, cracking, or bulging Y N
Freezing Y Y
Sudden and accidental damage from artificially generated electrical current Y N
Volcanic eruption Y N
Additional Coverages
Debris removal Y N
Reasonable repairs Y Y
Trees, shrubs and other plants Y N
Fire department service charge Y N
Property Removed Y N
Credit card, fund transfer, forgery and counterfeit money Y N
Loss assessment Y N
Collapse Y N
Glass or Safety glazing material Y N
Building additions and alterations Y N
Section 1 Coverages
PP away from Residence Premises Policy Limits Policy Limits
PP usually located away from residence premises 10% of C or $1K Not Covered
Special limits of liability
Money, Bank notes etc. $200 $250
Securities, Accts, deeds $1,000 Policy limits
Watercraft, trailers, accessories $1,000 Not Covered
Non watercraft trailers $1,000 Not Covered
Theft Jewelry,watches,furs $1,000 $1,500
Theft of firearms $2,000 $1,500
Theft of silverware $2,500 $1,500
Stamps, Coins, Sports cards & Memorabilia Policy limits $1,500
Business prop. Res. Prem $2,500 Policy limits
Bus. Prop away Res. Prem $250 Policy limits
Electronic Apparatus in vehicle $1,000 $1,500
Elec Apart Not In vehicle $1,000 Policy limits
Pers. Prop. in a vehicle 10% of C or 1K $1,500
Section 1 - Exclusions
Earth Movement Not Covered Not Covered
Water Damage (Flood & Backup) Not Covered Not Covered
Power Failure Not Covered Not Covered
Neglect Not Covered Not Covered
War Not Covered Not Covered
Nuclear hazard Not Covered Not Covered
Intentional loss Not Covered Not Covered
Theft Not Covered Not Covered
Property not covered
Articles separately described and specifically insured in this or other insurance Not Covered Not Covered
Animals, birds or fish Not Covered Not Covered
Motor vehicles Not Covered Not Covered
Aircraft and parts Not Covered Not Covered
Property of roomers, boarders, tenants Not Covered Not Covered
Property in an apartment regularly rented Not Covered Not Covered
Business data Not Covered Not Covered
Credit cards or fund transfer cards Not Covered Not Covered
Section II - Liability Coverages
Personal Liability Covered Covered
Medical Payments to Others Covered Covered
Section II - Liability Exclusions
Intentional Acts Not Covered Not Covered
Business activities Not Covered Not Covered
Rental Units Not Covered Not Covered
Professional Services Not Covered Not Covered
Premises which are not an "insured location" Not Covered Not Covered
Vehicles/land conveyances Not Covered Not Covered
Watercraft Not Covered Not Covered
Aircraft Not Covered Not Covered
War Not Covered Not Covered
Transfer of Disease Not Covered Not Covered

All coverage is subject to approval and qualification. Coverage information is intended to be a summary and does not supplement or replace specific language of the insurance contract.




*21st Century is not affiliated with Homesite Insurance. The 21st Century Homeowners Insurance Program is underwritten by member companies of the Homesite Insurance group, a leading provider of homeowners, renters and condominium insurance. Member companies include: Homesite Insurance Company, Homesite Indemnity Company, Homesite Insurance Company of California, Homesite Insurance Company of Florida, Homesite Insurance Company of Illinois, Homesite Insurance Company of the Midwest, Homesite Insurance Company of New York, Homesite Insurance Company of Pennsylvania, and Homesite Lloyd's of Texas.
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