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Like to buy the latest in everything like computers, stereo systems, camera equipment, etc. Extra personal property coverage so you can replace all your equipment at its fair market value.
Are a business owner An umbrella policy to protect you against potential lawsuits.
Entertain a lot Additional medical expense coverage to smooth over minor guests accidents.
Have beautiful landscaping Coverage that guarantees you the replacement cost of all your trees, shrubbery, etc.
Are a collector (antiques, artwork, etc.) Scheduled personal property coverage to protect your valuables when you are at home or away from home in case of theft.
Have a boat Personal property coverage that includes replacement cost for your trailer and watercraft.
Are away from home a lot Installing a security system to protect your home and get you a discount on your insurance premium.
Remodel your home or build an addition Updating your coverage to reflect the new value of your home.
Have a condo Coverage for the inside structure (which is not covered by your landlord) and its contents, and loss assessment coverage.
Want to save money A higher deductible and taking advantage of discounts.


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